Huntingtower HEAT Player Excellence Award – Summer 2013/14

The committee, along with coaches suggestions, observed and discussed  many  candidates for this coveted award this season.  After some deliberation, one of these candidates stood out.

She…is a competitor. If you go to one of her games, you’ll see her involved in some way (with or without the ball). She is a very skilled player, but still recognises that she cannot succeed on her own. She will share the ball with her team mates and support them at training and on game day.

She is a sponge at training and NEVER DRIBBLES THE BALL OR TAKES A SHOT WHEN THE COACH SAYS TO STOP AND LISTEN. She will also do the little things that don’t often get recognised (i.e. help to put out and put away equipment, or thank the coach after each training session).

Above all, this Heat player is just a great kid.

The Huntingtower Heat Excellence Award for the 2013/14 Summer season goes to


Emma played in the Under 10 Girls HT1 team.

 Photo of Emma Davis

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