Inaugural Huntingtower Heat Excellence Award – Winter 2013

The Huntingtower Heat Committee wanted to recognise a player who demonstrated the values, work ethic, and skills that all boys and girls playing for the Heat could aspire to.   To support this, a Player Excellence Award has been created.

This season’s Player Excellence Award goes to a player who individually:

  • Has a will and desire to improve
  • Is a committed member of any team
  • He recognises that attending training on a consistent basis is important in developing his  fundamental skills
  • And has a high level of commitment to the game
  • Sees developing strong relationship with his team mates and coach as a necessary part of his committment to basketball.

This player also demonstrates leadership, within a team environment through:

  • Leading by example (rather than just by words) in games and at practice – by listening to the directions of the coach, supporting and trusting his team mates, by giving 100% effort and by respecting the opposition and umpires.
  • Having a strong influence on the attitudes and behaviours of team mates, in reinforcing the need to listen and improve
  • Also encouraging and being supportive of team mates

He loves the game of basketball. He’ll train at home and at school to get better. If he was given the choice, I wouldn’t be surprised if he put his hand up to play in an U14, an U16, an U18 and an U23 Heat team for the upcoming season

This season, the inaugural Huntingtower Heat Player Excellence Award goes to,


Brandon played in the Under 12 HT1 and also Under 14 HT 1 teams in this season.

Brandon Griffiths

Brandon Griffiths


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