HT Heat Invites New Huntingtower Students to Join the Club

HT Heat is taking the opportunity to introduce new 2016 Huntingtower students to the HT Heat Basketball Club and join in our basketball club activities without having to wait until 2016 to participate.

One of the great things we have been able to do for new students is to have them join a team prior to them starting the new school year  – what a great opportunity for them to make some new friends and know some of the Huntingtower students on the first day at a new school.  In the most part the training locations for teams are the junior or senior school gyms at the school – so once again a great opportunity for them to get familiar with the school grounds as well.

All these items add up to a wonderful way for new students to meet new friends, get familiar with the school as well as enjoy some great sporting activity – and assist with the transition to the new school arrangements for next year.  Also a great opportunity for parents to meet some of the current Huntingtower parents as well.

[blockquote]“I really enjoy my basketball – it was a great way to get to know some people at a new school so it wasn’t so scary when I started my first day at Huntingtower. It was also good to have something in common with the other students in my class.” Shannan – Year 8[/blockquote]

The basketball season will run from October 2015 then break over the normal Summer school holidays and resume when school goes back.  Games are on Saturday as part of the Melbourne East Basketball Association – usually for the Under 14 age groups around lunchtime or early afternoon.

We have a total of 30 teams in age groups ranging from Under 8s to Under 23s.

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