All players wear the HT Heat Uniform at games. New players SHOULD NOT order a uniform until they have been issued with a singlet number by the Uniform Co-ordinator.

Singlet Numbers are issued according to year of birth, in line with Heat’s uniform numbering system, to minimise the risk of number clashes.

Uniforms are made to order and they can take 4-6 weeks to be delivered.

New players will be required to order a uniform as soon as a singlet number is issued by the club, to enable time for delivery.

Uniforms are supplied by Vortex
Phone   +613 9775 0406
Fax   +613 9775 0696
Email   info@vortexbasketball.com.au
Web    www.vortexbasketball.com.au
Address: 6/14 Lakewood Blvd, Carrum Downs VIC 3201

A limited number of loan uniforms are available for players that have ordered a uniform, as a short term loan until the delivery arrives.

Please contact our Uniform Co-ordinator if you require a loan HT Heat Basketball uniform at ht.heat.uniforms@gmail.com .


Uniform Donations

Players are discouraged from passing on uniforms as this often results in singlet number clashes.

If you have a uniform to donate, please contact the Uniform Co-ordinator at ht.heat.uniforms@gmail.com .

Second hand uniform donations are much appreciated & allow us to continue to loan uniforms to new players.